CNC Router-CNC Plasma-CNC Laser Machines (19)

CNC machines of Piperidis S.A. are of Greek manufacture and are characterized by their robust construction and the absolute precision in their use.

The Piperidis CNC ROUTER machins are made for cutting, engraving, 2D and 3D, they can easily and reliably work on marble, glass, gilt, aluminum, wood, sheet metal, PVC and styrofoam.
The movement is done with stepper motors or servo motors and a ball screw or gear.
All metal parts of the machines are machined and planed to offer the ultimate alignment in operation.
Depending on the version and use of each model, there is the possibility of automatic tool changing, head from 1 KW to 20KW, addition of a fourth axis and choice of 4 different types of bench (aluminum, wooden, suction cup or vacuum).

The Piperidis SA CNC PLASMA machines are made for demanding work with the main use of circular, oval, square, as well as internal and external perimeter cuts in metal, aluminum or inox materials. The machine is ideal for producing pieces of various designs and drilling.
The machines have automatic torch control and waiting function at the table for ventilation system and are distinguished for fast cuts with precision and purity.