CNC Router SDR-2010


CNC MACHINE TYPE SDR-2010 (cutting, etching, carving and embossing)

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Construction Made of steel with machined surfaces for absolute precision.All parts of the machine are made for long-term use and proper operation
Cutting dimensions of the machine Υ2000mm Χ Χ1000mm Χ Ζ100mm
Machine table Made of plywood wood (optionally aluminum or vacuum
Type of all-axle slides Linear high-stress square track roller (precision slides for CNC)
Drive type Y, X and Z Features drive type with gear and ball screw
Router head Air cooled 3hp with 2.2 kw inverter
Motor and Drives Type Stepper motor
Home Terminal – home, inductive switches on the home side of each axis
Cable Management Plastic Drag Chains on the X and Y Axles
Emergency Emergency button on the front of the camera
Controller (machine operating system) Computer with machine operating program
Support Support via TeamViewer

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